Saturday, November 24, 2012

Give Thanks for Paint

Over the holiday I offered to paint a few family members' nails. My cousins searched my pinterest nail art board and picked two designs they liked. I hadn't tried either of the designs, but thought it would be a nice challenge and they both seemed pretty realistic to do in an hour (I have slow hands).

First up, my lovely cousin-in-law Lyssa's design:

The color accuracy and photo quality aren't the greatest, but this is pretty close to how they looked. This was my first time using tape to get straight lines. I only taped the middle triangle section and hand painted everything else. I think it turned out pretty well and I can definitely see the advantage of taping but I think I'll try to find thin strips of tape so I can have better lines. I used 3 China Glaze paints- Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen (it's less orange in person), and Shower Together. The color combination is pretty pleasing. This was my first time painting someone else's fingers in a LONG time. It was rather enjoyable.

This morning before we left I quick did my cousin Hannah's toes with this gradient stripe design. It's different from the inspiration photo (which is angled, all one color family, and has much straighter lines), but considering I did it in a rush and entirely freehand, I think it turned out really well.
Again, I apologize for the photo quality/color

Hannah seemed to like the end result, and this design is really perfect for her, given her love for the ocean. I did realize while doing this that I could really use some new tools. If you have advice for brushes or other tools that hold paint well and can do striping and very intricate details, please leave a comment. 

It was really a pleasure to do these designs this weekend! I'll have to find more people back home that would like a free manicure/pedicure, since it's really great practice for me and I find it really relaxing and fun.

30 Day Challenge 5: Blue

I've been really busy lately, so for this/last week's challenge, I just did a really quick blue dot design. Since I was so busy, I didn't have a change to take pictures for a week, and decided to take them while out of town for the holidays, so the picture isn't the greatest, but you can basically see what I did.

I used 3 shades of blue (two of my new China Glaze colors) and a silver.

I also did my purple challenge while out of town, but I'll wait a few days to post those pictures.