Monday, December 24, 2012

Urbana Nails

It's finally here! I leave tomorrow to start my work at Urbana (I've been working for Urbana since August). To commemorate this joyous occasion, I of course gave myself an Urbanicure!

I'm surprised with how good the colors turned out. I only needed to blend the yellowish green color with a bright Sally Hansen yellow and my InstaDri Lickety Split Lime. All my other colors were dead on with the logo:
Not too shabby, eh?
It was much trickier to paint my right hand, but the logo still turned out pretty well, if only a bit lopsided. I did do a slightly different design on my right hand fingers, only having "12" vertically and excluded an accent nail, but the coloring is the same. On my left hand I added a 2100 logo for an accent nail since I worked on some Urbana media during my internship with 2100 and also to "promote" the 2100 recruitment session at Urbana.

I've been looking forward to Urbana for a while, but nothing gets me quite in the spirit for Urbana like an Urbanicure! See you in Saint Louis!