Monday, October 14, 2013

A quick little color block

Well, now that the challenge is over, I decided to give my nails a break for a bit. I also started playing my ukulele again and realized that my nails were way too long to be able to play well, so I'm experimenting with different lengths that look good but that still allow me to play well.

Anyhow, today I decided to do a quick color block so I could try out my new Sally Hansen Insta Dri mint polish. I didn't take a good picture, so sorry, but you can get the gist.

I like it. It works for fall, I think, since there are some fallish colors. I really like my new polish! Maybe I'll take a better picture of these tomorrow and post them, but otherwise I should be back to posting once or twice a week on a regular basis from now on.

Happy Painting!