Sunday, August 11, 2013


Well, here's the deal: I've changed this blog quite a bit. It will no longer be "Adventures in Toe Nail Art" since I've started to paint my fingernails more often. I'll still have many posts devoted to toe nail art, but will also start devoting more posts to my manicures. I also have a new 'About' page as well!

In other news, I built another new light box today, since my other one got destroyed when I moved. One dull pair of scissors and a bloody finger later, my pictures have gone from poorly lit with random backgrounds to this:

Much better, don't you think? It's a decent picture for a camera phone. Also, this Beauty Secrets Brush Cleaner is amazing! My brushes kept getting hard and were pretty useless even after cleaning them in my normal polish remover, so I invested in this guy. It's fantastic! You just put the bristles in, swirl it around for a few seconds, let it sit for a minute, swirl it again, and it's like your brush is brand new! It's a life saver for my brushes and I highly recommend this product. You can get it for only $4 here. Considering it's cheaper than most bottles of nail polish, it's seriously worth investing in.

Happy painting!