Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Stripes

Hey there, polish enthusiasts! I've been down for the count the past 10 days due to a severe back injury of some sort (we're not sure what caused it/what's entirely wrong yet), hence the delay in posting. Before my injury, however, I was able to do 2 quick designs for the stripe challenge.

The toe design is kind of boring since I was running low on time. I'm not sure what you'd call this- it reminds me a bit of a bug. Or perhaps an excel spreadsheet, haha. Unfortunately I can't recall which polishes I used (pain meds make me forgetful).

I like my manicure that I did on the fly much better. I wanted something a bit more intricate than my toes, but didn't have a ton of time, and I wanted it to match my outfit. The picture quality isn't amazing since I took this picture in the car on the way to a family reunion "extreme picnic" with the women in my family (I wore a blue and yellow dress, if you happen to be curious). This one turned out pretty great, I think. I used a yellow striper (can't remember the brand) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away. Which, by the way, even with my base coat it was a pain to try to take off. I still have a blue stain on a few fingers- so word to the wise, use a really good base if you use this paint.

I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow to figure out what's going on with my back, so hopefully I'll be back to painting again on a regular basis sometime soon. I'm excited to see many bloggers doing the 30 day challenge again, and I also found a cool new challenge that I'd like to try once I finish this one.

Happy Painting!